Open communication and trust result in lively brainstorming sessions and Eureka moments. Meaningful Measurement team members are expert at using techniques such as Mind Mapping and understand the principles of small group communication. This allows Meaningful Measurement to create a climate that is conducive to finding ingenious methods for inventive solutions.

Meaningful Measurement's expert researchers ensure that scientific rigor is combined with creative insight. This combination of the Arts and Sciences results in a report that is the best of both.

Individually and as a group, Meaningful Measurement Associates have impeccable credentials. They are well known professionally as well as in their local communities. This extensive individual and collective network gives Meaningful Measurement the enviable resources necessary to provide answers to most all questions, and solve unusually complex problems.

Meaningful Measurement's teams consist of vetted scholars and practitioners with real-world experience and expertise. They plan, implement and produce the results necessary for an organization to successfully reach its stated goals.

~ A Team Designed Exclusively for You ~

One of the biggest differences between Meaningful Measurement and other companies is the fact that each team is hand-picked for every project. This means the optimum combination of human capital is applied to the problem and its solution.

Unlike other companies, Meaningful Measurement experts do not merely oversee a project while less senior employees do the actual work. All named team members contribute their time and skills to the assignment.


 Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Donna Surges Tatum, PhD, CAE

Donna Surges Tatum founded Meaningful Measurement in 1990. She has managed many projects and is adept at creating and guiding teams of highly skilled professionals who accomplish complex tasks.

Dr. Tatum is experienced in association management and earned the Certified Association Executive credential from the American Society of Association Executives.

Two of Meaningful Measurement’s projects for which Dr. Tatum is Principal Investigator are the creation of the National Certification Board for Alzheimer Care (NCBAC) and developing the MBLEx, a national licensure exam for the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB).


Dr. Tatum has led a team of thirty Subject Matter Experts since 2005 as they investigated feasibility, conducted multi-method research for the Job Task Analysis, and developed examinations for the Certified Alzheimer’s Caregiver (CAC) and the Certified Alzheimer’s Educator (CAEd). The computer based tests are delivered at the Pearson VUE Professional Testing Centers.

The FSMTB examination was developed from beginning to end in a record 17 months. Dr. Tatum led a Meaningful Measurement team of fifteen testing professionals and more than forty Subject Matter Experts who wrote competency statements and learning objectives, conducted a large scale JTA survey (7,464 respondents), wrote, reviewed and revised over a thousand items, conducted a beta test, set the standard, and launched the computer based licensure exam in October 2007 at the Pearson VUE Professional Testing Centers. More than 2,000 candidates are currently taking the MBLEx each month.

Since 2005 Dr. Tatum has been Consulting Psychometrician for the American Osteopathic Association Bureau of Osteopathic Specialties Standards Review Committee, overseeing the accreditation process for the 18 Osteopathic Physician Specialty Certification Boards. She is currently leading a team of scholars and physicians to develop a program for training and assessing physician communication competence. 

For five years Dr. Tatum was Psychometrician and Director of Research & Psychometric Services for the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). While at ASCP, she managed a staff of fifteen, fourteen committees, and over a hundred volunteers. Dr. Tatum developed seven new certifications and was responsible for twenty-two computer-adaptive tests and five qualifications in Laboratory Science for the ASCP Board of Registry (BOR). She initiated the BOR Recalibration Project, devised methods for refining the item bank calibrations for computer adaptive tests, transitioned the computer examinations to a new vendor, created a multi-method design for the BOR Practice Analysis, converted written study guides to computer, conducted on-going workforce studies, and engaged in scholarly research.

Dr. Tatum is also an expert in the field of Communication and teaches communication classes at the University of Chicago for the Graham School. She created, and Meaningful Measurement produced, the Executive Communication track of the Leadership Institute for the University of Chicago Booth School Executive MBA program and for the University of Chicago Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies. Dr. Tatum also holds an appointment to the graduate faculty at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

The combination of expertise allows Dr. Tatum to effectively communicate difficult concepts to those who need to use the information. This is extremely important when working with task forces, examination committees, educators, and other stakeholders.

Dr. Tatum holds a Baccalaureate in Communication and a Master of Arts in Persuasion and Organizational Communication from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Her doctorate in Measurement Evaluation Statistical Analysis (MESA) is from the University of Chicago. She researches, publishes, and presents widely on a variety of subjects.

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Johnna Gueorgueiva

Meaningful Measurement Associate since 2001

Johnna Gueorgueiva is the Director of Testing and Measurement with the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB). Before joining DANB she was Senior Psychometrician with the Riverside Publishing Company (RPC), and managed a formative assessment project for a very large school district. Her first foray into psychometrics was as Manager of Research and Psychometric Services with the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) where she managed 21 large scale computer adaptive exams. She is currently working on her PhD in measurement at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

Ms. Gueorgueiva’s dissertation topic is Procrastination: A Measurement of Behavioral Styles

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John Michael Linacre, PhD

Meaningful Measurement Associate since 1990

John Michael Linacre is the creator of WINSTEPS; the Rasch measurement software used world-wide. He also developed FACETS software, for many faceted Rasch analysis widely used in constructing objective measures from judge-mediated observations. Linacre is dedicated to creating the tools for measurement that the rest of the psychometric world relies upon when doing their work.

Dr. Linacre has consulted extensively in educational and psychological measurement, assessment and testing. 

Dr. Linacre has an M.A. in Mathematics from Cambridge University, and a Ph.D. in Psychometrics from the University of Chicago. He worked closely with Benjamin D. Wright, the leading advocate of Rasch measurement, for over 15 years as a Research Associate at the University of Chicago. 

Dr. Linacre relocated to Australia, but continues to develop measurement software and to consult internationally on educational and psychological measurement problems. He is an adjunct Professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast. He has authored well over 100 published articles and conference papers.

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Keith Mccoy, PhD

Meaningful Measurement Associate since 1999

Keith McCoy is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Wilbur Wright College and also serves as the Assistant Chair of the Mathematics Department. He completed coursework as a PhD candidate in Statistics at the University of Illinois at Chicago and currently is completing a doctoral degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago in Measurement Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment (MESA). He earned his BS in Mathematics from Notre Dame and MS in Statistics from the University of Georgia.

Mr. McCoy worked for four years as a Senior Research Analyst for the American Society for Clinical Pathology providing statistical and psychometric support. He also worked as a Research Statistics Specialist for Habilitative Systems, Inc. In addition he consults with Chicago City Colleges to provide support for research initiatives.

Mr. McCoy’s dissertation topic is Impact of Item Parameter Drift on Person Measures in a Computer Adaptive Environment.

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Lynn Webb, EDD

Meaningful Measurement Associate since 2006

Lynn Webb is a testing consultant who assists agencies with ensuring that their professional assessments are valid, reliable, and fair. For over 20 years she has been providing consultation to credentialing agencies and testing companies in all areas of test development including practice analyses/role delineation studies, development or validation of test specifications, question writing workshops, test assembly, passing score studies, item and test analysis, and formatting score reports. Additional areas of expertise include conduct of focus groups, meeting facilitation, grader/rater standardization, policy issues, long-range planning, and auditing programs with reference to ISO/IEC 17024. Consultation also includes preparing agencies for NCCA or ANSI accreditation.

Prior to working as a consultant Dr. Webb was the Director of Testing for the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. She has also held senior staff positions at the National Board of Medical Examiners, Educational Testing Service (ETS) and ACT.

Dr. Webb’s academic background is in Educational Psychology, with an emphasis in research and evaluation. She is active professionally in several psychometric and testing organizations and frequently speaks on testing and psychometrics at national and international conferences.

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