In addition to cutting edge quantitative techniques, Meaningful Measurement creates innovative ways to uncover further information by using qualitative data. Thematic and content analysis of answers to open ended questions yields gold that is rarely mined.

Meaningful Measurement delves far deeper into quantitative data than a classical statistical analysis. Averages and percentages and probabilities and cross-tabs do not tell the whole story. A common research error is the use of statistics as a measurement instead of a description.

To perform any creditable research it is mandatory that the scientific principles of measurement be used to create an appropriate framework.

Meaningful Measurement goes beyond a traditional statistical analysis. Statistics describe a onetime event, and do not reference from year to year, or one situation to another. This is because the results are not calibrated on a straight line, and the numbers are not in common units of measure. Therefore the numbers are not directly comparable.

Remember: Statistics describe –
they do not measure!

Meaningful Measurement techniques create a standardized frame of reference from which to view the piece of the world in which one is interested. A true benchmark is established which then makes any comparison meaningful.

Results are reviewed by a panel of professionals who are experts in the subject areas of investigation. The reports provide clear guidance for making decisions that are objective and fact-driven.

Meaningful Measurement brings unmatched expertise, creativity, and commitment to research and psychometric services. All research studies are customized.

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Meaningful Measurement Research Services

Large Scale Surveys
Outcomes Measures
Product/Preference Testing
Needs Assessment
Market Assessment
Customer/Member Satisfaction
Employee Satisfaction
Workforce Studies
Qualitative Content & Thematic Analysis
Special Research Projects

Partial Client List

American Society for Clinical Pathology
Butler University
Butler County College (Kansas)
Chicago Public Schools
Kraft Foods, Inc.
GE Capital
Indianapolis Public Schools
Interim HealthCare
McDonald's Corporation
Museum of Science and Industry
Quaker Oats Company
Roosevelt University
State of Indiana
Syndactics, Inc.
University of Chicago Hospitals